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          Trap with attractant for monitoring flying beetles a. o.

          Effective against:
          - Drugstore beetles (Stegobium paniceum)
          - Museum beetles -larvae (Anthrenus museorum)
          - Varied carpet beetles (Anthrenus verbasci)
          - Brown carpet beetles -larvae (Attagenus smirnovi
          - House longhorn beetles (Hylotrupes bajulus)

          The attractant elements are 2 photoluminescent plates (that emit light in the dark), which attract the beetles of adult stages into the trap.
          The trap captures adult specimens and, as a result, it prevents the drugstore beetle, the dangerous pests from spawning subsequent generations of voracious larvae.

          The optimum effect can be achieved by exposing the trap to daylight or artificial light for several hours.

          The trap does not contain any potentially dangerous substances.
          The attractant is safe for humans and  the museum collections are completely harmless.

          SOLARIS LED lighting for use without daylight or artificial light can be found here.

          1 pack = 5 traps

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