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About Us

History of REGIS GmbH
1901   Founded in Duisburg, Germany under the name Irmscher & Frings oHG
1920   Became a limited liability company Frings und Schröder GmbH
1923   Renamed REGIS GmbH
National production of the first file indexes and sales of the first turn-key filing system (archiving), sale of filing and archiving articles and office supplies of all kinds, proxy representation of companiesn, reclamation of patents and holdings for other firms in the same or similar business
1944   Destruction of the facilities during WWII
1947   New headquarters in Beuel, REGIS GmbH company holding by the companies Leitz and Soenneken
1963   Divestment of Leitz and Soennecken, takeover of REGIS GmbH by 15 district representatives
1995   New headquarters in Grafschaft-Gelsdorf

REGIS Betriebsstätte in Gelsdorf